The 5th Volt - Project 5

from Æther Waves Vol. 2 by Æther Waves

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Patch Notes:

You can view a detailed explanation of this patch here:

There are 3 parts to the song:

Part 1 starts with sound from the Algodrone on program 45 which goes through the NYLE filter and from there straight to the FX. The Algodrone gets a 2 step CV sequence from the SEQ8 from the CV RAW output. Next is a two note sequence bass from the SAWVOX module. To achieve these two notes I'm using the outputs from the 2ATT/CV module into a 3VCSWITCH and a square wave LFO with a very long pulse width gives the gate to switch between the two pitches. This is slightly out of beat with the envelope which controls the VCA for the SAWVOX, so the pitch keeps changing in while the envelope is on which sounds random and adds some character to the track. A simple 3 part drum beat is provided by two KICK modules which are tuned slightly different and the snare from the DRUMKIT, all triggered by the TOPOGRAF. The drum part goes out on a different channel to my outboard mixer so it can remain dry and not get muddled up with the FX.

Part 2 is a kind of transition and introduces a 4 note sequence that goes through the DELAY and sounds bell like. The sound source is one of the MS20 filters on self resonance which provides a very clean sine wave which goes through a VCA with a snappy envelope to make it sound like a bell. A further transition is achieved by introducing a church like bell from the FMOS which leads into part 3.

Part 3 features the Solina which cycles through its range of chords via the TRIQ164. Unfortunately the chord progression can only go up or down and doesn't cycle around, so when it reaches the last chord it just stops there. I have therefore attached the same trigger signal to the 3VCSWITCH and the outputs A and B of the switch go to the + and - chord inputs. I just klick the latch on the switch to make it cycle back the other way. The second voice on part 3 is a clean theremin like sine wave from my second MS20 filter in self resonance. I have dialled in two pitches that work with all the chords of the Solina and put them into the 3VCSWITCH. I then switch between them and operate the mixer knob to slowly fade the sinewave in and out between pitch changes. This is the closest I could get to a theremin.

Over all of this I'm using the MultiFX in Deepspace mode.

You can find more info about The 5th Volt at


from Æther Waves Vol. 2, released November 6, 2020




Æther Waves Germany

Tracks from users of the Tangible Waves AE Modular synthesiser.

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